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Avocado flower honey 250 grams



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Ghassan Saleh, a Bee Keeper, is a graduate of the “Tel-Chai” College program of Bee Keeping. After Graduating, Ghassan continued his research of the bees and wrote the book “The Kingdom of Bees”. From this love to their world, Ghassan Saleh opened the Asal Alnor visitor’s center in Old Peki’in. The Asal Alnor visitor’s center is engaged in the world of the bees and when visiting there, you can learn about their world and their great contribution to nature, the environment, and mankind. The Asal Alnor Visitor’s Center offers enriching experiences for groups, families, and independent travelers of all ages.

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Honey from avocado flower nectar. This type of honey is very rich in potassium and is suitable for people who have hair loss problems and nail problems, this honey also has a natural type of sugar called Prisiatol which is only found in avocado honey, and because of this sugar the honey becomes dark.

Kosher Parve, Kosher Tzahar



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