A Package of Wine & Plenty of Chocolate

A package of white wine and plenty of chocolate straight from the Galilee! The package comes in a fancy box.


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A Package of Wine & Plenty of Chocolate

The package includes:

Berry Flavored Chocolate Covered Jordan Almonds — Odette Chocolate Boutique

Package of handmade berry flavored chocolate covered Jordan almonds

White Chocolate Covered Jordan Almonds — Odette Chocolate Boutique

Package of handmade white chocolate covered Jordan almonds

Pack of Chocolate “Mekupelet” in 3 Flavors — Odette Chocolate Boutique

Package of 6 chocolate “mekupelet” in 3 flavors: dark, milk and white – handmade.

Milk Chocolate Bar with Peanuts — Odette Chocolate Boutique

Handmade milk chocolate bar with peanuts.

Dark Chocolate Bar with Dried Wolfberries — Odette Chocolate Boutique

Handmade dark chocolate bar with dried wolfberries.

LUA CHEIA 2020 — Lotem Winery

A young, light, and sour wine made from 100% chardonnay from an organic vineyard. Characterized by delicate aromas of citrus fruits, fresh flowers, and lime. The name means "full moon" in Portuguese - which implies the richness of the flavors of the wine.


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