Delightful & Luxurious Package (Galilee Area Only)

Delightful and luxurious package — delivery to the Galilee area only

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Delightful & Luxurious Package (Galilee Area Only)

The package includes:

Rose Wine 2019 – Kishor Winery

Graceful, lively Rose wine. Peach pink color, characterized by spicy red fruit flavors, against a background of herbaceous aromas. A very dry wine with crisp acidity. Pleasant refreshing taste.

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Yonatan Red Blend 2014 — Stern Winery

This wine made of a balanced combination of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot, and 10% Petit Verdot grapes, which were harvested at the Ramot Naftali and Tuval vineyards. The wine was aged 13 months in French and American oak barrels.

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Hoppy Wheat Beer 5%, 750 ml — Malka Brewery

An American, hoppy wheat beer with a golden haze, a high head, low bitterness, and a fruity aroma

Jujube Honey 350 gr — Ofir Apiary

Jujube honey from the nectar of jujube flowers; pure honey, no preservatives, and no heat, 350 grams.

Gluten-Free Granola 300 g — Hagit Lidror

Gluten-free granola - 300 grams, handmade

Dark Chocolate Bar with Dried Wolfberries — Odette Chocolate Boutique

Handmade dark chocolate bar with dried wolfberries.

Milk Chocolate Bar with Peanuts — Odette Chocolate Boutique

Handmade milk chocolate bar with peanuts.

Authentic Barnea Galilean Olive Oil 250 ml — Yodfat

Barnea Olives — round, full taste, passes smoothly in the throat

Ripe Mor Goat Cheese in the Style of Sainte-Maure de TouraineRipe , 190 grams — Alto Dairy

Ripe Mor goat cheese in the style of Sainte-Maure de Touraine, 100% goat milk

Small Galilean Bouquet — Flower Market (Galilee Area Only)

Galilean flowers — delivery in the Galilee region only

Cacao Nectar Spread — Tzuf

Sugar-free and kosher health spread. Ingredients: sesame seeds (tahini), organic coconut flower nectar, natural cacao, hazelnuts, and organic honey. 350 grams.

Ripe Smadar Goat Cheese 140 g — Alto Dairy

Ripe Smadar goat cheese with 100% berry charcoal

Vegan Coconut Flower Spread — Tzuf

Sugar-free and kosher health spread. Ingredients: organic tahini, coconut flower nectar. 350 grams.

Granola Cookies — Noalush

Handmade granola cookies.

Bag of Red Beet Crackers 225 gr — Noalush

Red beet crackers made with whole spelt flour, 225 grams.

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Eau de vie d’Etrog Distillate 375 ml — Jullius Craft Distillery

Bottle of Eau de vie d’Etrog. Citron distillate (40%) 375 ml. The first Eau de Vie in the world, made from local citron. The etrogs, “Vision of Man” and “Calabria” varieties are harvested early in the season, with their colors ranging from green to yellow. This is the best stage to get rich and fresh aromas. The etrogs are minced whole and sent to ferment at cold temperatures.

The package comes in a fancy basket.

Delivery in the Galilee region only.


  • The packages will arrive at the customer’s home within 7 business days once the order is placed
  • Distribution to any destination in Israel north of Jerusalem and the Gadera region, straight to the customer’s home
  • Distribution of refrigerated products as needed
  • Please be sure to fill in all the details of the sender and the customer
  • You can contact any questions by email orders@westgalil.org.il or on Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 10 am – 3 pm 072-3971231