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Handmade herbal soap



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Cold-processed, hand-crafted soaps by Ayala Moriel. Soaps are made mostly from organically grown oils (including home-grown extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil), infused with wild and organic botanicals, fruits and veggies, and scented with natural essences only. Colours are naturally occurring from the botanicals within the soaps and the occasional colourful clays. Wrapped with recycled, bio-degradable vegetable wax-paper. All the soaps are designed, carefully handcrafted by Ayala Moriel in her studio in Clil.


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Ayala Moriel Parfums

Ayala Moriel is a Clil resident and one of the pioneers in the modern natural perfumery field. In 2001, she opened Ayala Moriel Parfums in Vancouver Canada, and ever since has been devoting her life to the field of fragrance design, making natural perfumes and developing original fresh products. Surrounding the studio is a cultivated fragrant garden where perfume and nature lovers can explore the local plants and learn about the process of making perfumes. The studio invites visitors to experience new fragrances, a traditional incense ceremony, getting to know ancient holy plants, and hear about the ancient world of fragrance.

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