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Created with love by Tzuf – Health, Honey and Bees

Sugar-free, kosher, and vegan-friendly health spread. Ingredients: sesame seeds(tahini), organic coconut flower nectar, natural cacao, hazelnuts. 350 grams.

Gluten Free
Sugar Free


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There IS such a thing as healthy sweets! Insanely tasty and delicious spreads that are high in protein, full of healthy ingredients, and sugar-free!

*Natural ingredients only
*No white sugar, canes, or artificial substitutes just natural sweetness from the flowers
*Rich in calcium
*Rich in protein
*Very low in sodium
*Cholesterol free
*A good source of dietary fiber
*No food coloring
*No trans fat
*No preservatives
*Crazy delicious!!!

Strictly kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Aviel Boharon

350 grams

  • Delivery only in Israel
  • Please be sure to fill in all the details of the sender and the customer
  • You can contact any questions by email orders@westgalil.org.il or on Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 10 am – 3 pm 072-3971231

Tzuf - Health, Honey & Bees

At Tzuf they believe in doing good; do good to man through his food, do good to and respect bees, and do good to the earth and the environment. Bees are a spectacular and significant wonder for them. The honey they produce is the sweetest and most wonderful medicine in nature. Tuvia Orr, the owner of Tzuf, lovingly prepares quality honey and alongside it, the “Tzuf Spreads” series – sweet and healthy spreads without sugar (with and without honey) because “our sweets must also be healthy”.

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