Cajon Mashbox — Kandu Wood ‘N’ Groove

Created with love by Kandu Wood ‘N’ Groove

The first-ever wearable drum shaker that carries three drums in one: mini-cajon, reverb & shaker drum


טבעי, כחול, כתום, צהוב



Meet the Mashbox – the first-ever wearable drum shaker designed for professional percussionists & travelers alike. An incredible three drums in one, as a mini-cajon it offers two percussion surfaces: one with a crisp lower pitch; the other a higher pitch sound. When strapped around your waist, the shaker becomes reverb, adding extra definition. Hand-held, it becomes the ideal shaker drum. Lightweight and transportable, the adjustable waist strap lets you flip it for easy access to both percussion surfaces. Never again find yourself with your drum. The Mashbox goes everywhere you go, so you can play at any time. Handcrafted from sustainable ultra-dense Finnish birch plywood with a water-based finish, each one is individually tested by us before being shipped out to you.

  • Delivery only in Israel
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  • You can contact us with any questions by email orders@westgalil.org.il or call on Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 10 am – 3 pm 072-3971231

Kandu Wood 'N' Groove

Shahar and Yaniv, carpenters and musicians began their careers as friends and colleagues in classical carpentry and woodworking. Shahar Bergman, bass guitar player and Yaniv Sharabi, guitar player. Over the years, out of a desire to deepen their work with wood and their love of music, the two began producing musical instruments. The love for creating musical instruments grew, and with it the demand. Slowly, the center of work with wood, deepened and expanded into the world of musical instruments and today Shahar and Yaniv create Cajons and musical instruments from wood out of passion and love for the materials and music. This is how “Kandu” was created in 2011. Kandu, is a workshop of great love and appreciation for the world of music, designing and building percussion and string instruments and is based on the belief that music connects people. All tools are handmade in the Galilean Studio.

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