Book Joanna’s School Days

Created with love by Ayelet Bar-Meir

Book Joanna’s School Days: short stories about women from Galilee by tour guide Ayelet Bar-Meir. A fascinating book, represents the Israeli and women’s multicultural background, as they gather to tell their personal stories which turn out to be the story of every woman worldwide. The book is in Hebrew.


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Tour Guide Ayelet Bar Meir

Ayelet Bar-Meir is a tour guide who loves meeting new people, nature and stories and plans unique tours exploring man, culture and nature in the Galilee. Among her main tours: meetings with creative Galilean women; ethnic and culinary meetings; religions in the Galilee; art trails; a tour of Safed and Peki’in titled Three Authors and Love, following the books Bride by Ora Ahimeir, People of Peki’in by Rivka Alper and Joana’s Wedding Days by Ayelet Bar-Meir. Ayelet’s book is also the basis for a play and a reference for other tours following the stories (between Kfar Yasif and Kabri and between Old Baram and Safed) – classic and unique tours full of local lore in Safed, Akko and in the alleys of Druze, Christian and Circassian villages, at Bahai and Sufi locations and in Jewish communities in the Galilee.

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