Celebrating Independence with Malka Beers & Cashews

A delightful package! Special edition beer bottles and cocoa-coated cashews. Local Galilean produce!



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Celebrating Independence with Malka Beers & Cashews

The package includes:

Cocoa Coated Cashews — Tosha Bakery

Cashews coated in cocoa

Special Edition Hoppy Wheat Beer 5% — Malka Brewery

Not another German-style wheat beer, but a unique American-style wheat beer with low bitterness and aroma of intoxicating hops. With a special edition Menachem Begin label!

Special Edition Blonde Ale Beer 6.5% — Malka Brewery

Belgian Blonde Ale beer, characterized by the background flavors of citrus and fruity aromas, resulting from the addition of husks will be accelerated to the beer’s cooking process and the use of specialty hops. With a special edition David Ben Gurion label!

Special Edition Stout Beer 6% — Malka Brewery

Irish Stout beer, which is characterized by toasted flavors, dark chocolate, and coffee. It has a soft, velvety texture. Its black color is the product of using a graft that has undergone intense and long roasting. With a special edition Theodor Herzl label!

Special Edition Pale Ale Beer 5.5% — Malka Brewery

Pale Ale classic English beer, flavored with barley and deep red color. The beer has noticeable bitterness, though not one that takes over and covers the flavors of the malt. With a special edition Golda Meir label!

  • The cost of shipping is not included in the price of the products.
  • All products come with a decorated greeting card and in festive packaging.
  • Distribution to the northern and central regions of Israel, including the Jerusalem and Gedera region, directly to the customer's house.
  • Alcohol sales for ages 18 and up only!
  • You can contact us with any questions or to arrange self pick-up: Email – orders@westgalil.org.il, Phone Number – 050-9307979, or in person at our Information Center from Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 10 am – 3 pm