DIY Menorah Package

An edible art kit, and something small and delicious to drink.


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DIY Menorah Package

The package includes:

DIY Chocolate Menorah Kit — Odette Chocolate Boutique

Chocolate building blocks with various colors and shapes, using special chocolate glue. Build a chocolate Menorah in honor of Hanukkah, use your imagination! Eat the results! The kit contains quality chocolate in various shapes and sizes, chocolate glue, chocolate “candles”, chocolate platform, chocolate thermometer, micro powder for tempering, an instruction page, and a link to a short instructional video on YouTube.

Blonde Ale Beer 6.5% — Malka Brewery

A blond Belgian-style ale with citrus undertones that come from adding orange peels during the brewing process and the use of special hop.

Hoppy Wheat Beer 5% — Malka Brewery

An American, hoppy wheat beer with a golden haze, a high head, low bitterness and a fruity aroma

Pale Ale Beer 5.5% — Malka Brewery

Pale Ale classic English beer, flavored with barley and deep red color. The beer has noticeable bitterness, though not one that takes over and covers the flavors of the malt.

IPA Beer 6.2% — Malka Brewery

An IPA-type beer with a deep copper tone and a delicate caramel flavor. Three different types of hops are added at various stages of the production process, giving the beer a complex flavor and aroma. The accentuated bitterness leaves a long finish that lasts up to the next sip.

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