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First Aid Kit Alternative: Contains universal extract and balm, materials for dressings and a booklet with 50 ways of using products.


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The Alternative First-Aid Kit is a kit for dealing with common, daily medical situations that we encounter at home, on trips, at the beach, at the playground, when camping, on hikes, etc.

The packaging is compact and attractive, made of recycled fabric, with love and attention to the smallest details that make the difference.

The Kit Includes:

Universal Tincture – The Life Elixir 

Based on Swedish Bitters formula. The tincture is effective for any bodily discomfort – from gum and ear infections to stomachaches and bloating.

Universal Balm

Therapeutic balm that effectively treats a wide variety of skin symptoms and problems – such as burns, rashes, irritated skin, insect bites, bleeding, and cuts. It can also ease local pain, strained muscles, and more.

Bandaging Materials

Gauze pads, bandages, net, band aids

Instruction booklet with over 45 symptoms and their treatment


Optional Complementary Products:

Natural Mosquito RepellentMade of natural essential oils and jojoba oils 

Propolis SprayFor immediate relief of throat aches

Ayurveda Balm For dryness-related skin conditions

Dragon Blood Iodine Anti septic tincture For disinfection

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