Misgav Syrah 2017 Red Wine – Kishor Winery

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Intense red color. Full bodied wine. Aroma of earthiness, spices, red fruits, pepper and tobacco. Velvety round tannins with long lingering finish.


750 מ"ל



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Kishor Winery - Kosher Vineyard & Boutique Winery

Kishor Winery – A unique boutique winery with a vineyard, new visitor center, and unique activity incorporating people with special needs. The Kishor vineyards and winery are owned by the Kishorit Village, a village for people with special needs, who lead a community life and work in the productive industries within the village.

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Powerful red color. Earthy and spicy aroma with touches of black plum, pepper, and tobacco. A full-bodied wine, velvety round tannins, red fruit flavors and spices, and a long and pleasant finish.

Type of wine — dry red

Varietal composition — Syrah

Alcohol — 14.5%

Kosher — Badatz Beit Yosef, OU, Chief Rabbinate

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