Porcelain Plate Painting Kit

Created with love by Kfar Masaryk – The Secrets of the Kibbutz Miracle

Porcelain plate painting kit. Includes: 2 white porcelain plates, 3 porcelain markers in various colors. Includes an explanation page


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Kfar Masaryk - Secrets of the Kibbutz Miracle

Efrat Sade, the driving force behind Kfar Masaryk Tourism, decided that the general public also deserves a glimpse into the kibbutz life of the pioneers, the costumes, the rooms, and the leisure culture. You will be impressed by the authentic shoemakers from the 1940s, a display of Naaman porcelain vessels from the kibbutz factory, the first hut that recreates the hut in the 40s and 50s, the laundry, and the children's homes.

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