ALLEGRO 2019 Organic Wine — Lotem Winery

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An organic, light wine with strong characteristics of strawberries, cranberries, and blackberries. This wine is fermented using special yeasts from Portugal which extract a unique combination of tastes from the Cabernet grapes. Goes well with: fish, pasta, and other light dishes.


750 מ"ל



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The Organic Lotem Winery

Lotem Winery is one of the very few Israeli organic wineries and it brings together the qualities of man and land. This unique combination between spiritual content, energies, and advanced science, creates original quality wine. The winery was founded in 2009 by Yaniv Kimchi. Today, 50,000 bottles are made at the winery. The grape varieties used are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Shiraz, Petit Bordeaux,  Sauvignon  Blanc, Chardonnay, Semion and Nebbiolo. Come visit Lotem Winery for good wine, great scenery, and a unique atmosphere. Celebrating events on-site is also an option. On weekends, visitors can enjoy meat or vegetarian food, and occasionally, a live show.

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A soft and light blend that combines aromas of cherry, blackberry, and strawberry. Naviolo grapes add lightness and blend perfectly with the Cabernet Sauvignon, which is why "Allegro" is the perfect name. Suitable fishes: fish, chicken, and pasta without cream.

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