Package For Men 2

Gift for a man with fine alcohol – distillate and beer, soap and after shave cream. Local Galilean produce.



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Package For Men 2

The package includes:

Blonde Ale Beer 6.5% — Malka Brewery

A blond Belgian-style ale with citrus undertones that come from adding orange peels during the brewing process and the use of special hop.

All Natural After Shave Cream — Aya Natural

A skin smoothing after shave cream, rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and anti-septic oils, soothing, nourishing, disinfectant, moisturizing, soft and youthful.

Stout Beer 6% — Malka Brewery

An Irish Stout beer with roasted, dark chocolate, and coffee flavors and a soft, velvety texture. Intensive roasting of the malt at high temperatures gives this beer its black color.

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Solid Shaving Soap for Men — Aya Natural

Solid natural shaving soap, contains oils that protect the skin and give it softness and moisture

Hoppy Wheat Beer 5% — Malka Brewery

An American, hoppy wheat beer with a golden haze, a high head, low bitterness and a fruity aroma

Pale Ale Beer 5.5% — Malka Brewery

Pale Ale classic English beer, flavored with barley and deep red color. The beer has noticeable bitterness, though not one that takes over and covers the flavors of the malt.

Eau de vie d’Etrog Distillate 375 ml — Jullius Craft Distillery

Bottle of Eau de vie d’Etrog. Citron distillate (40%) 375 ml. The first Eau de Vie in the world, made from local citron. The etrogs, “Vision of Man” and “Calabria” varieties are harvested early in the season, with their colors ranging from green to yellow. This is the best stage to get rich and fresh aromas. The etrogs are minced whole and sent to ferment at cold temperatures.

Gift for a man with fine alcohol – distillate and beer, soap and aftershave cream. Local Galilean produce; Homemade Galilean products for men.

  • Alcohol sales for ages 18 and up only!
  • The packages will arrive at the customer’s home within 5 business days once the order is placed
  • Distribution to any destination in Israel north of Jerusalem and the Gadera region, straight to the customer’s home
  • Distribution of refrigerated products as needed
  • Please be sure to fill in all the details of the sender and the customer
  • You can contact any questions by email orders@westgalil.org.il or on Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 10 am – 3 pm 072-3971231

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