Royal Reading Time & Beer

A fun book that combines the stories of women from the Galilee and a natural herbal soap along with two bottles of Galilean, Malka beer.




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Royal Reading Time & Beer

The package includes:

Herbal Peeling Soap — Tamarahindi

All Natural Herbal Peeling Soap 80 g

Book Joanna’s School Days

Book Joanna’s School Days: short stories about women from Galilee by tour guide Ayelet Bar-Meir. A fascinating book, represents the Israeli and women’s multicultural background, as they gather to tell their personal stories which turn out to be the story of every woman worldwide. The book is in Hebrew.

Malka Blonde Ale Beer 6.5% — Malka Brewery

Belgian Blonde Ale beer, characterized by the background flavors of citrus and fruity aromas, resulting from the addition of husks will be accelerated to the beer’s cooking process and the use of specialty hops.

Malka Pale Ale Beer 5.5% — Malka Brewery

Pale Ale classic English beer, flavored with barley and deep red color. The beer has a noticeable bitterness, though not one that takes over and covers the flavors of the malt.

All products are homemade from the Galilee

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