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Ingredients: Cornflower, baking soda, shea butter, organic coconut oil, essential oils: palmarosa, geranium, ylang ylang and absolute rose.

How does the deodorant work? In our armpits are bacteria that cause the smell of sweat, the baking soda in the deodorant creates an alkaline environment and neutralizes the bacteria and thus avoids the smell of sweat without interfering with the body’s natural and important sweating process. Smell good while sweating!

What is special about our deodorant? Look … producing deodorant is not a state secret, and you can make really cute deodorants at home (we even run such workshops!), Our advantage comes from choosing the right relationship, one that also does the job so that the effect is maintained over time and also causes the skin itself Feel pleasant and great. The choice of the highest quality oils and in a particularly generous amount, I feel the amount of oils we put in deodorant is the highest on the market, the oils themselves have significant activity in deodorant, they are not there solely for their good smell. And of course our experience, we have already gone through many dozens of formulas for deodorants, over a decade ago when we started with the first formula we were among the only ones in the market to make natural deodorants and the truth is most people looked at us like we fell from the moon when we offered them natural deodorant. We very much want to return to the world with a higher awareness, with an improved formula and a product that in our eyes is truly as close to perfection as possible!

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes when using, store in a cool, shady place. If sensitivity to one of the deodorant components is known, avoid using it

Capacity: 50 ml

Licensed by the Ministry of Health

Standard delivery is 50 NIS to the whole country.

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  • Purchase of alcohol for ages 18 and over only!
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