Shipping Policies & FAQs

Where do we deliver?

We ship to all parts of the country.

How does it work?

From the moment the order is received, we make sure to issue the order as soon as possible

The shipment will arrive at the customer’s home, within 7 business days from the day of placing the order

A day before receiving the shipment, we will send a message with an estimated time window.

What do “Taste the Galilee” packages look like?






Can you add a greeting card to the package?

Yes, happily! Write the text in the invitation notes and we will add a beautiful and high-quality greeting card with the text you sent.

For further questions and inquiries, write to us or call us at 072-3971231, 

Who we are?

Online Store – Taste the Galilee

Western Galilee Now, an NGO working as a Small Business Consortium for the promotion of tourism, was established to promote the cultural, historical, and geographical richness of the area and aims to promote the culture of wine, alcohol, food, local produce, and traditional crafts combined with the culture of tourism in the area, for its spectacular views that connect the mountain to the sea. The NGO promotes proactive activities of meetings, workshops, meals, wine trips, and nature trips, between communities, including meetings with people and thematic weekends that are all gourmet, high quality, and tailored to public requirements, independent or organized, private or business from Israel and abroad.

In April 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we set up an online store and called it “Taste the Galilee”, in order to bring you all the Galilean goodness, well packaged, with the fragrances of the Galilee, directly to your house.

On “Taste the Galilee”, our online store, you will find small business owners, mostly family, social businesses that promote social tourism or tourist-oriented kibbutzim that meet pre-set standards of service and product quality. Remember: every time you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little dance in the heart!

What is special about our store?

  1. We have prepared a variety of festive packages filled with the good things that the Galilee has to offer.
  2. At the same time, you have the possibility to put together your own parcel combining the products from the different producers.
  3. You can choose an existing package and add to it additional products.
  4. You can choose an existing package and change one of the products after consulting with the shop manager.
  5. The shop contains many handmade “one-of-its-kind products”.
  6. Every product has its own story behind it which is worth reading.
  7. All the products are Israeli made from the Galilee.

When does the shipment arrive?

  1. Up to 7 business days from the day of placing the order.
  2. It is important to note that when there are special requests, we look for, and usually find, a way to bring the case at the necessary time (for example, on the date of the birthday)

Phone Orders

  1. From Sunday to Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm we will be glad to answer your calls and try to give the best and most efficient response.
  2. If there is no answer you can send a WhatsApp message to: 0723971231
  3. You can also send an email any time of the day to: 


  1. Sale of alcohol to those only above the age of 18.
  2. There is no minimum purchase on the website, but for the current offer, between the dates 1.11-15.12, it must be a purchase of 80 NIS or more.
  3. Payment for purchases of 200 NIS and more can be divided into three payments without interest.
  4. We add a decorative greeting card to each order.

Keep In Touch

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Thank you for coming to visit the Galilee Taste Store,

We are waiting for you on the roads of the Galilee!