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All natural deodorant, prrevents unpleasant odor and gives a fresh feeling for most of the day. With a classic lavender scent.


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Tamara lives and breathes her home at Klil and has been working in natural pharma for over 20 years. She specializes in natural pharma and makes classic and ancient remedies, both western and ayurvedic and combinations of the two, and from that Tamarahindi was founded. At Tamarahindi, you can take up workshops about Indian home-remedies or natural pharma and also enjoy a versatile selection of treatments, personalized nutrition, and lifestyle consultations using different care treatments, cleansings, and relaxing spa massages.

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תמרה חיה ונושמת את כליל ומתמחה ברוקחות טבעית ובהכנת מרקחות קלאסיות עתיקות יומין, הן איורוודיות והן מערביות ושילוב ביניהן. במקום ניתן ליהנות מסדנאות של תרופות סבתא הודיות, סדנת רוקחות טבעית ומגוון עשיר של טיפולים, התאמת תזונה והמלצות לאורח חיים דרך טיפולי מגע שונים, טיפולי ניקוי ועד לעיסויי ספא מפנקים.
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All Natural Deodorant
Butter-based ointment and baking soda with the addition of antiseptic oils with a refreshing scent.

How It Works:

Industrial deodorant blocks the pores and prevents sweat from coming out. In fact, sweat is a toxin that the body excretes and it is also a way to cool the body.

The sweat itself is odorless. The sweat that comes out of the body creates an acidic environment that encourages the production of bacteria and once these bacteria begin to break down the substances present in the sweat, this process creates the unpleasant odor.
Using baking soda, the main ingredient in the cream, creates an alkaline environment that prevents these bacteria from thriving and thus prevents the unpleasant smell of sweat.
In any case, preventing sweating causes impaired metabolic function in the body.

50 ml

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