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All natural S.O.S. spray suitable for any condition of discomfort in the mouth and throat.


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Tamara lives and breathes her home at Klil and has been working in natural pharma for over 20 years. She specializes in natural pharma and makes classic and ancient remedies, both western and ayurvedic and combinations of the two, and from that Tamarahindi was founded. At Tamarahindi, you can take up workshops about Indian home-remedies or natural pharma and also enjoy a versatile selection of treatments, personalized nutrition, and lifestyle consultations using different care treatments, cleansings, and relaxing spa massages.

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Propolis Spray "2 in 1"

Propolis fights bacteria that are harmful to us without harming the population of bacteria that are beneficial and essential to our health. Highly recommended as a natural and healthy substitute for antibiotics. Propolis is the heart of the formula and the other herbs that make up the formula support and enhance its effectiveness. Oregano oil bounces off the therapeutic potential of the formula. Honey is great in taste and balances the strong flavors of other plants and in its antiseptic quality is used as a natural preservative. We make sure to use quality organic honey.

Thanks to the strict adherence to the quality of the plants that make up the formula, the quality and efficiency of the products are immeasurably great.

Important to Note: In order not to harm bees, for which propolis is essential, the propolis series is produced in limited quantities.

Licensed by the Ministry of Health

Product volume: 30 ml

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