Malka IPA Beer 6.2% — Malka Brewery

Created with love by Malka Brewery

Classic IPA-style beer with a taste of sweetness, along with distinct bitterness and powerful aroma of citrus hops.


330 מ”ל



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Malka Brewery

Malka Brewery was established in 2006 out of love for nature and a desire to promote beer culture in the country. On weekends, you can enjoy a variety of Malka beers on tap, along with snacks and a light meal. In the new production complex of the brewery, "Salon Malka" opens, you can sit with friends, drink fresh beer, and indulge in the delicacies of the kitchen, which is located at home, right next to the living room. The place is also open for groups and tours.

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IPA-style beer characterized by a deep copper color and a delicate caramel taste. At different stages of the production process three different types of hops are added, which give complexity to both the taste and aroma of the beer. The pronounced bitterness leaves a long suffix that leads to the next sip.

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